Paul Hollywood’s Earl Grey Milk Tart

Paul Hollywood is the steely blue-eyed pastry chef of my dreams AND HE WAS IN CAPE TOWN. I am beyond devastated that I don’t live in Cape Town and never bumped into him and didn’t have the chance to awkwardly approach him (my husband, standing embarrassed behind me) and tell Paul how much I love his baking book (as anyone following my #RunnyBabbitLearnsToBake challenge knows).


In the meanwhile, I’ve fallen in love with his Earl Grey Milk Tart recipe.

What’s your favourite twist on an old classic? Let me know in the comments!





White Cobb Bread | Stylishly charred | Baking Challenge [2]

“Can she mess it up again?” I’m sure you’re eagerly asking, Week Two into my baking challenge. The enthusiastic answer is YES!

[I’ve challenged myself to bake every recipe in Paul Hollywood’s Learn to Bake book – first post here.] No underbaking or power outs this time – alas, there are no excuses left at all for my incompetence. Instead I discovered the danger of putting the bread in at the wrong level in the oven. My friend Mark, upon seeing the blackened remains of my cobb bread, said, “Charred food is in right now” and it is with that statement that I claim the charcoal exterior as INTENTIONAL. I am tres trendy. I am, indeed, on fleek.


The actual bread was delicious, and it rose beautifully!


You can find the Paul Hollywood recipe here.

My lessons from this week:

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Basic White Tin Bread | Baking Challenge [1]

I’m basically addicted to The Great British Bake Off  and this is largely because of:

  • my deep and passionate love for all baked things
  • my abiding adoration for carbohydrates
  • my never-ending devotion to puns (even the terrible, terrible puns on the show)
  • my inappropriate crush on Paul Hollywood (his steely blue eyes, his take-no-shit attitude, the way he kneads bread with his sleeves rolled up…)

Because of these many things, and my desire to become an Extremely Useful Person during the Zombie Apocalypse despite my general uselessness, I bought Paul Hollywood’s How to Bake book on a trip to the UK in 2015.  And now, two years later, I’m going to actually Learn How to Bake on this grand baking challenge I’ve set myself, a la Julie and Julia.

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Sweet ‘n sour umami pickled shiitake mushrooms

One of my husband’s pet peeves – one that gets him gnashing his teeth and rolling his eyes – is recipes on blogs with long back stories before they give you any useful, functional information. So with that in mind, I’m taking a military approach to this post. I’m going to keep it in bullet points and then I’m going to share this gloriously delicious and simple recipe with you lucky folks.


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Matcha inspiration

Matcha is a beautifully green powered tea traditionally served as part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The tea ceremony focuses on mindfulness and is beautifully described as “a choreographic ritual of preparing and serving Japanese green tea, called Matcha, together with traditional Japanese sweets to balance with the bitter taste of the tea.”


However, I’m not focusing on mindfulness in this article. I’m focusing on delicious green bakes! My plan for 2017 is to bake. To bake a LOT. And I think matcha bakes need to be on this list. Here are some of my matcha inspirations from around the web:

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