Red velvet cupcake tea cosy

I don’t like tea.

What I do have a soft spot for is people who drink tea, like my friend Jerusha who recently tied the knot. Jerusha introduced me to the wonder of red velvet cupcakes, so I thought it would be fitting to knit her a red velvet cupcake tea cosy as something warm, fun, and unique for her new home.

Made with love!
Made with love!

With a tight deadline (I decided this would be an ideal gift a week before the wedding, and I am still quite a slow knitter) I became completely obsessed and, like an Olympic athlete, pushed myself to the utter limits.

I love this yarn, and found it completely by accident at the aptly named ‘Wool wool wool’ shop in Fordburg. Platinum Double Knit in Cool Tropical, though it knitted MUCH thicker than the other DKs I used.
There was no time to mess around. I took my yarn with my everywhere. I was prepared to knit… no matter the cost.
Both DK, huh?
Not looking terribly elegant off the tea pot… and before the addition of sprinkles!

Sadly though, I am not the Michael Phelps of knitting and I missed my deadline. The wedding was yesterday and I only finished this bad boy tonight. The silver lining, as I see it, is that Jerusha is going to get a nice surprise in the mail after the wedding hey day is over.

If you want to make this delightful tea cosy, here’s the pattern!

If you aren’t feeling up to knitting a cupcake, here’s another very simple rib tea cosy I knitted, using the stunning but sadly discontinued Elle Earth DK in Northern Lights, with crocheted flowers. I had to get a bit creative and knit three parts and a strap to get it to fit my tea pot (also a present) – but it’s simple enough!

Simple garter stitch strap – a last minute addition!
Enter strap two, above, and the charming crocheted flowers.
Love the colours!

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