Wedding cross stitch

My latest cross stitch is a paid job for a wedding, and is, I think, quite hilarious.

Custom Samantha Living in Sin-1
Pattern designed by the amazing Alicia Watkins. On Etsy she offers a ‘personalised cross stitch pattern’ service, and she really is worth it (it’s only R105 [$10] to get your own pattern done to your specifications)

It’s for a picnic themed wedding, and the design was created based on the wedding invite and colours used in the bridal party and the wedding colour palette.

The wedding invite
The wedding invite

The cross stitch is coming along quite nicely!

runny babbit bitchin' stitches

runny babbit bitchin' stitches2

What I love about crafting is that though pretty much all of the techniques and crafts were developed a bajillion years ago (I would love to meet the person who invented knitting, what the hell did they think they were doing – and don’t get me started on crochet!) they can take on a really fun and modern flavour today. Cross stitch especially opens itself up to humour with the antiquated feel it creates, and how often the meaning of the text juxtaposes what you’re used to.

In essence: this isn’t your grandmother’s cross stitch.




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