Star Wars cross stitch

I have a very soft spot for the original Star Wars movies, and for this I need to thank my dad.

He is the original geek, and he passed his love of sci-fi and fantasy onto my brothers and I. Starting with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Magician by Raymond E Feist and more recently, the Star Gate series; my brothers and I learned to love stories focusing on good, evil, hope and love.

My dad and brothers

My dad is also a virologist, and has spent his life working to vanquish the deadly rotavirus; a nasty virus that quite literally kills young children around South Africa and further up the continent. His battle has been to develop a vaccination for this disease, and get it implemented globally.

So, with my dad’s birthday around the corner, I (with the help of the talented cross stitch designer Alicia Watkins) designed a cross stitch pattern to celebrate this. A Star Wars ship shooting down the ‘death star’ – since the rotavirus does look awfully a lot like the deadly space ship. I also decided on a play with words on a famous Star Wars quote, when Han Solo and team first see the Death Star: ‘That’s no moon! That’s a space ship!’

Here’s the evolution of that design:

This is a bit too simple and didn’t say ‘wow’ to my brethren and I
cross stitch 2
My suggested redesign
Custom Samantha Birthday Xwing-1
Redesign with light sabers – don’t like the light sabers! The rotavirus pic reflects the newest info on how the virus looks.
Custom Samantha Birthday Xwing-1111
The final design!

I decided to do it on a black aida fabric, and will stitch in little stars as I go. How awesome? The pic if from my Instagram feed.


Hopefully this is something my dad will love… will post progress as I go!


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