Beautiful embroidery

Pinterest, as always, leads me down the rabbit hole to new and interesting crafts (new to me, that is). Embroidery is my latest interest, and I’ve been adding it to Runny Babbits for a beautiful, hand-crafted touch. 

runny babbit_embroidery
This whole bunny was hand knit with a gorgeous iridescent yarn I found. It’s delightfully soft and I used embroidery cotton from House of Embroidery, a South African shop that hand dyes their threads. I bought some varigated, multicoloured threads and you can see how fantastic it looks as you stitch – the border changes colour as you go!

runny babbit_embroidery

runny babbit_embroidery

runny babbit_embroidery


runny babbit_embroidery
All of these photos are taken on my phone. It’s really time to start whipping the camera out!

Of course, if you have more experience and a steady hand quite fantastic things can be done with embroidery:

8aca15e2680e2bb09d080fce239ad590 9bc399331438ed0e6607e36c2a2716e3 397ea79d45249789497b4cb7563a761f 513080f9ae195247d9d775201a2d704a 765800a05b94d9c4f3415b360e2df996 aebd451005e408ff3878616456470f63 cb98ab0a39b6e6f6ac7d9530365844fa e517559dcaec3ffe8f3d5f47989b7d38

(All images taken from my Pinterest embroidery and cross stitch board)


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