Beanies, headbands and more

I don’t know why but from toddler-dom I loved wearing things on my head – anything from hats, to headbands and beanies – and from a young age I was a stylish go-getter.

Look at me, stylishly go-getting.

So naturally as an adult, and a knitter, beanies and headbands fly off the needles and land gently on people’s heads at an astronomical rate (I’m a really quick beanie knitter). I’ve knitted a surprising amount of head gear in the year and a bit since I picked up the needles and have a few more projects lined up to tackle after the market.

Here’s a round up of what I’ve created so far:


Cute knitted crowns
A previous version of the crown – this one waaay too big for a child and it was stiffened for the photoshoot. This, as you can see, was a huge mistake. The crown is a bit floppy off the head but when worn it lies flat against the head.
Nthabi wanted her own grown up crown (this pic taken from her instagram) and loved the crocheted flowers and pearls.


My brother Matt wearing the beanie I made him.



My youngest brother with the rainbow beanie I made him – which he requested and then promptly lost.
I knitted this for El Boyfriendo for a trip to Pilansberg, out of a lovely soft merino wool made and dyed by my favourite local store, One of a Kind.
Little Viking helmets for little Viking twins!
Little Viking helmets for little Viking twins!

Head bands

These are some of my favourite things to knit – quick, classy and simple!


Jess in her headband – I love this gorgeous mottled look with little crochet flowers.


Chevaun in her simple knitted headband, the first I made.



And then of course there are some things I’ve made that you never think people would put on their heads…



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