A new yarn crush

One thing I love about my country is the fantastic local yarn scene. South Africa has a creative yarn landscape and an incredible natural resource of high quality wool, and great bamboo-cotton blends. Vinnis is one of these excellent local producers and are even shipping their yarn to places like Australia!

I always thought it was a crocheter’s yarn because of the many crocheters that use it, but there are actually just more crocheters than knitters in South Africa.

But once I got over that idea, I took it up to make a beanie. It really does hang so well and makes a great slouchy beanie. Here is some knitting I’ve done with it…

And knitting others have done..,

Ah, how I love Friday afternoons! ❤️

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Aside from Vinnis other ranges, their new one is my absolute favourite. Vinnis Toris… a fantastic bamboo cotton blend with a rich selection of colours.

I used their beautiful dark grey-blue to knit a soft beanie – warm and cushy, the yarn also hangs incredibly nicely for clothing.

Ah, the things I could knit! My plan is to make my mom a bright, jewel-toned log cabin blanket (it mirrors the quilted log cabin blanket she sewed for me when I was young) like the beautiful one Tikki Knits made below. In Toris, this will be a beautiful, heavy thing. I can’t WAIT to get my claws into it! tikkiknits log cabin blanket

Now to finish the chevron blanket I’m making for my friend’s baby shower in Elle Gold (this acrylic can be machine washed and still feels so, so soft – perfect for babies).

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