How to knit (according to stock photos)

This weekend, I was knitting in public. More specifically, I was knitting at Park Acoustics – a big live music festival in Pretoria full of Young People. But with a chill day ahead, some beers in the cooler box and friends around, I couldn’t bear to leave my new exciting knitting project behind!


A rather drunk 20-year old became very curious about what I was doing and plonked himself next to me on the blanket and asked WHY I was knitting. I’m very enthusiastic and happily explained to him that I love the challenge and am knitting a gorgeous cowl! He commented. ‘It looks very BORING.’ so I replied, ‘Luckily you don’t have to do it then!’ before his friends quite literally dragged him off by the underarms.

This made me think about the perceptions people have of knitting – it’s old, it’s boring, it’s tedious – and nothing speaks louder than stock photos.

What the crap are you making?
At least she’s having fun
Is the middle person… in black face????

I stumbled across this BuzzFeed article (pics above taken from this piece) and realised again that for a lot of people knitting is this strange, foreign land they know nothing about.

What’s the biggest misconception you’ve dealt with as a crafter?


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