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Handspun gorgeousness | Mystery Yarn Pack

I might be a digital junky and live with one thumb on a smartphone, but I’m also an old school romantic in love with the beauty of hand made effort. Letters are one of my favourite things – beautiful handwriting, the effort of each word, stamps, envelopes and waiting for the mail. It adds time, and some mystery, to communication. It’s the opposite of a Whatsapp and leaves room to ruminate in the pauses.

Mystery, hand made and everything in the post! Yarn in a Barn has certainly hit the nail on the head with it’s Mystery Yarn Packs.

You pay a standard fee, and each month Hilda and her little helpers select yarns that go together and compile a pack just for you. The little gift pack gets delivered at some point in the first week of the month – it will always have yarn, but could also have patterns, buttons, needles and more – and it’s always a surprise!

This month, and I had to share because it was just so special, Hilda sent through HAND SPUN wool that she spun herself! Spinning is certainly the new trend and more and more knitters are putting their hearts into not only creating objects, but also the wool used to make them.

This is a wool blend and came in a delicious chocolate strawberry swirl, with matching ceramic buttons. It’s squishy soft and will make something beautiful.

Mysteryyarnpack_yarninabarn_runnybabbit (1)

I can’t wait to make something with it, but am not sure what to do! I’ll have to wait for inspiration to strike…


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