Basil salt recipe | The 5 minute edible gift

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as quickly whipping up a ton of artisinal, hand-made gifts – and even better if it costs you as much as bread and milk.


And that, aside from the flavour and colour, is the huge appeal behind this recipe. It’s a Your Family magazine one and really a winner!

I made a kilogram of salt into this flavoured spice and it works a treat as a rub on a roast or used to flavour something Italian and tomoatey, like a bolognaise.



  • 125ml basil, chopped
  • 250ml coarse salt


Just put the two in a blender together, and blitz! Put the mixture on a tray on wax paper and leave for 12 – 24 hours to dry out a little.

My blender didn’t pulverise the salt, and only bruised the basil leaves, but it still worked and made a nice gift. I’d recommend cutting out the stalks chopping the leaves a little before putting in the blender. Unlike the original recipe, the coarse salt works better as a rub than a seasoning on food. I also put in a touch of green food colouring to keep the bright colours over the festive season.

So make, and enjoy, and use in your braais!




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