My top picks from Kamers 2015

I love a good market – and I mean I LOVE a good market, so every year it is with bated breath I await the Kamers Irene Christmas market. I was disappointed by the April one, but this year’s December market is beyond amazeballs. They’ve packed in even more stalls, and have a wide selection of interesting vendors and newbies.

The only con to the market is the cashless system! It’s inconvenient, a hassle and slow. Hopefully next year they’ll jazz this up with an app or something.

I’ve also written about my favourites for Your Family magazines, and I have detailed captions there.

Here are my pics of my markets faves

kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (27)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (1)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (22)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (18)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (13)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (8)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (16)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (11)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (23)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (10)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (26)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (5)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (3)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (19)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (25)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (21)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (4)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (9)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (31)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (2)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (17)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (14)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (12)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (6)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (15)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (28)kamersirene2015_runnybabbit (30)




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