Lip-smacking cherry pie

Cherry pie is a rare treat in hot South Africa, with cherries costing over to R200 for 2kgs. But when I found a big box of the juicy, red fruit for a good price… I couldn’t resist. And knowing my boyfriend’s deep and abiding love for all things cherry, I thought a pie was just the treat he deserved.

Sooo juicy, and red!

I whipped up the dough and left it to cool for an hour, then convinced my friends, over for dinner, to help me hull all the cherries – no small feat! The pits are a real schlepp to dig out so definitely make this a bit of a community project (it helps to bribe everyone with wine).


Once the pastry is made and the cherries are pitted, the rest is easy peasy.


This recipe is Martha Stewart’s and it’s divine! Serve it with vanilla ice-cream for a real kick, and we served it warm, not cool as the recipe suggested (we maybe waited 30 minutes for it to cool, and not the three-hours Martha wanted!).




I followed this helpful tutorial on how to make a pastry lattice to give it this beautiful crust, and the tips really worked.


I also sprinkled sugar and almond bits on top to give a little crunchy almond bite. Another suggestion… maybe chuck a little brandy in! Next time…

Get the sweet cherry pie recipe here and the shortcrust pastry recipe here.



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