Pretty awesome reversible fox-chicken toy


It’s easy to be the belle of the baby shower if you bring one of Susan B Anderson‘s reversible toys to the party. And this fox-chicken reversible knit is both fun and unique!

In fact, ladies and gentlemen, is actually pretty spectacular pattern by one of my favourite designers, and best of all it’s an easy, strangely satisfying knit. And so fun and memorable for any little person to play with!


I made this for a close friend’s baby shower in under a week. The reason I had so little time? My fiance was sent the invitation and the details of when, where and what was happening impacted him as much as the wings of the butterfly – which is to say, not at all. Luckily I was speaking to the mom-to-be and she mentioned the shower off-handedly, and with a moment of startling clarity, I realised the Richard was the weakest link, and not the mom-to-be at all. I dropped the scarf I was making my dad (more on that in a later post – it’s a gorgeous pattern and a wonderful wool) and cast on immediately!


The mum in question loves foxes, so naturally this catchy little pattern came to mind and luckily I am well stocked with African Expressions Harmony; the perfect wool for this project… partly because I’m completely in love with their foxy red crimson and think it’s just gorgeous.


Susan B Anderson was one of the first people that helped me realise you can be passionate about designers, and not just wool – as strange as that sounds. It sounds obvious but when I started knitting it was really a new concept to me. You should follow her on RavelryΒ and oh man, her Instagram is making me seriously consider trying my hand at sock knitting.

She knits so many socks I honestly don’t know when she gets the time to design such awesome and inventive toys.

Pick up her book on reversible knits for the best baby shower gifts.

And plus, how cute is this fox butt?


>> Get the pattern here <<