Kist chalk paint makeover

This is such a fun and easy craft! With just a slap of paint and some copper spray paint, my drab yarn kist was completely revitalised into this beauty. I love the matt paint against the shiny copper details and think it looks great in my craft room.

This is so easy!

You will need

  • fine sandpaper
  • copper spraypaint
  • paint brush
  • chalk paint in colour of your choice

To make

  1. Clean and sand the kist; take off the metal parts to be spraypainted later.
  2. Pour some of your paint into a paint plate and using a wet brush, start lightly coating your chest.
  3. Wait for the first layer to dry, then judge if you need additional layers. We did two or three on this chest.
  4. Spraypaint the metal parts and leave to dry.
  5. Screw the pieces back in.
  6. Voila!

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