6 reasons to go to the Kramerville Kamers

Sometimes, Kamers can feel like the same thing over and over. I’ve gone to pretty much every one in Joburg (and written about them before) and, even though I think I know what to expect, a combination of the vibe and the hand-crafted loveliness always draws me in.

So though you can expect a lot of the same from this brand sparkling new Kamers (this is the first time they’ve introduced a market in October) there are some lovely elements well worth the visit.

1 The Food


From cranberry and brie pancakes to Pierre Jourdin ice lollies and even these crispy, layered, cheesy fried chicken baskets from SumTing Fresh, there is a delicious food section with live music and a great vibe.

2 Aya Goods


The creator and owner, Lucy Mulima, uses wax prints and her own designs to make beautiful skirts, dresses and jackets. She’s up from Cape Town, and her designs are gorgeous – well worth a visit while she’s up in Gauteng. You can also buy her clothing online.

3. Nina Bosch Porcelain Jewellery


Elegant, unique, and just so much to choose from! My only regret is that I didn’t buy any! You can get some here

4 Big Heart Company

I was so enraptured by this stall I forgot to take photographs! They have beautiful prints and this mom and daughter team makes some fantastic products. I bought an awesome bag with a Lego Wonder Woman print on front I’m going to use for my knitting.


Co-owner and founder standing in front of her wares

5 Lots of lovely other things

Hand sewn toys, incredible skin care products, shwe shwe picnic blankets, origami swan bowls… there are a lot of finds at the market this year.

6 Moar food


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