My first skirt! [The Sewing Diaries]

It’s been just over a year since I got my sewing machine, and I’m finally feeling daring enough to try make myself clothing – my original aim. I’ve hardly got an ‘off-the-rack’ figure and I love the doors sewing opens up to me.

After buying a Tilly and the Buttons book, I fell in love with her really great, step-by-step tutorials and truly beautiful patterns. They were patterns I wanted to make, with the instructions that made them actually achievable.

After buying the below skirt I realised this fifties style, cinched waist, flared clothing really suits my figure. Win! And while I was fabric shopping for my bridesmaid’s dresses, my bridesmaid and I spotted this fun print that I knew would suit me and I snapped it up.

Here’s Tilly herself in the Clemence skirt:

I ended up either messing up my maths or losing weight and mis-stitching a bit, so it’s not perfect – but I do love it. It took me over five months to make because I kept putting it on the back burner , but it was almost EXHILARATING to whip it off the sewing machine and put it on.

Here I am in over-sized, wonky, and rather fabulous skirt:

You can get the pattern here.


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