Warm doggie jackets

I loved quickly sewing up these jackets for my sweet greyhound, Sophie.

Greyhounds NEED winter jackets because they, like models, they are very thin and have no natural defenses.

A helpless model in the wild.

Sophie gets FREEZING in winter, and often wakes us up as her blanket falls off during the night. We always buy her jackets, but with my new sewing machine and deep love in my heart, I decided to make her some pretty, dapper coats. I’ve knitted her one before, which took AGES to make – it was in beautiful moss stitch with cotton lining – and she chewed it off shortly after I put in on her , so I thought sewing her one would be a lot quicker, more easily adjustable, and cosy warm as I’d use fleecing or something similar.

img-20161012-wa0003I used a Simplicity pattern called 2303, and used pattern C, which I adjusted to fit Sophie’s teeny tiny waist.

The pattern was pretty cheap, and easy to follow, and I chose some lovely soft and warm winter fabrics for her. I loved the leopard print as greyhounds always look very deer-like in my opinion.

I had to adjust the chest width and the band to fit her properly, and make the back a lot narrower than it appeared in the pattern initially. As you can see, the pattern was designed for wide dogs, so it needed a little trimming.

I also ended up lining the jackets with t-shirt material; this was because using the fluffy fabric got very static and that made her uncomfortable. It was challenging to make it tight enough to stay on, but loose enough to be flexible for sitting and lying down.

However, no matter what adjustments I made, Sophie still ended up chewing it off. My theory is that she hates things around her neck, and charges around so much during the day it gets hot and she can’t take it off.

Here she is modelling her wares:

Sophie in her coat
I ADORE this fabric
It works for prancing…
Pats in the park
Looking elegant (as always)
Everything needs a good sniff
Sophie with our little fluffy doglet, Wookie
I made her a leapord print version too, with a collar
Such a sweet face!
I had to wrap this all around her, and she has a very narrow chest
It works lying down too

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