White Cobb Bread | Stylishly charred | Baking Challenge [2]

“Can she mess it up again?” I’m sure you’re eagerly asking, Week Two into my baking challenge. The enthusiastic answer is YES!

[I’ve challenged myself to bake every recipe in Paul Hollywood’s Learn to Bake book – first post here.] No underbaking or power outs this time – alas, there are no excuses left at all for my incompetence. Instead I discovered the danger of putting the bread in at the wrong level in the oven. My friend Mark, upon seeing the blackened remains of my cobb bread, said, “Charred food is in right now” and it is with that statement that I claim the charcoal exterior as INTENTIONAL. I am tres trendy. I am, indeed, on fleek.


The actual bread was delicious, and it rose beautifully!


You can find the Paul Hollywood recipe here.

My lessons from this week:

  • The recipe gets easier the more you practice! (This is the same as last week’s recipe – just slightly different quantities, and baked without a tin).
  • Folding the cobb bread into the cobb bread shape is actually quite fun, and a whole technique on it’s own (explained thoroughly in the book).
  • For some reason, my oven had both the top and bottom elements on, and I don’t think the top element was supposed to be on. It was also put in the oven one level higher than I usually bake at, and I’m pretty sure this is what burnt it.
  • I kept tapping the base for what Paul Hollywood describes as a “hollow sound” and I never heard it – so I turned the bread over so it cooked from the bottom. This seemed to work!
  • This is a nice, low maintenance bread to bake and I could do a lot of other things while it was rising and proving.
  • Two grocery bags work perfectly as the plastic needed to cover the baking tray for the second prove.
  • It’s delicious with cream cheese and Delicious pickle relish!

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