About Moi

OK, OK, I’ll admit it. I’m a crafting addict and I love getting my claws into bakes, yarn, fabric, edible gifts and even home-made body scrubs. My friends call me Martha Stewart, but who are we kidding – she’s way cooler.

Knitting is my first passion but I love learning and experimenting, and I’m going to post the best patterns, crafts, yarns and edible gifts here because hey, who doesn’t love a DIYer? I love bright colours and bold fabrics, natural fibres, ombre shading and anything delicious. Some recipes and patterns are my own (follow me on Ravelry for my own patterns) but others are cherry-picked from the pile available online because they worked like a bomb.

I love tutorials and step-by-steps, so look out for those too. Follow me on Instagram for the happedy-haps.

I’ve also got a passion for photography, and after working in magazines for a few years I’ve picked some things up (by osmosis I guess?) on styling, so all photos and styling here, unless otherwise specified, are done by moi.

I’m out.

*drops scissors*



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Why do the easy thing and buy it when you can do the fun thing and make it?

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