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Ermahgerd cross stitch

This is just a quick little post to share this great cross stitch pattern! It was one of the first cross stitches I ever made and I loved how it turned out.

The pattern is only $5 from Craft Complex on Etsy, and I decided to switch up the colours to match our decor and colour scheme a bit better. I love how it looks in our welcome nook, and that it’s funny modern take on a very traditional cross stitch concept.




What do you think?

Would you wear one of these? I love them, but to make them I need to import the bamboo frames from Australia! If I order in bulk it’s cost effective, but first I want to know if I’m the only person that likes them…

The story behind the lesbian cross stitch

For me, being gay or lesbian was never unusual, and it took me years to realise that other people have a problem with it – a thought I found really odd and hateful and based on nothing but prejudice and ignorance.

I was lucky. My blindness to this small difference was nurtured by my parents, and aided by my mother’s sister – the best aunt in the world.

The best aunt in the world

If you haven’t gathered yet, Suzanne (nicknamed Zannie) is lesbian; and I grew up with the kindest, funniest, quirkiest, most awesome auntie ever. I was extremely jealous when she and her wife (they only married in 2007; though they dated and adopted children before that) became mothers to two children. They were on the frontier of battles to legalise gay marriage and adoption, and their wedding ceremony (held first at court, and then a much larger ceremony at their house) was really something special. They’ve also raised two incredibly cool kids.

Anne-Marie, Reid, Nuschka, and Zannie all giddy at the wedding party.


But it wasn’t always so obvious that things would end so happily ever after. And this is where Meneer Smit comes in.


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Beautiful embroidery

Pinterest, as always, leads me down the rabbit hole to new and interesting crafts (new to me, that is). Embroidery is my latest interest, and I’ve been adding it to Runny Babbits for a beautiful, hand-crafted touch. 

runny babbit_embroidery
This whole bunny was hand knit with a gorgeous iridescent yarn I found. It’s delightfully soft and I used embroidery cotton from House of Embroidery, a South African shop that hand dyes their threads. I bought some varigated, multicoloured threads and you can see how fantastic it looks as you stitch – the border changes colour as you go!

runny babbit_embroidery

runny babbit_embroidery

runny babbit_embroidery


runny babbit_embroidery
All of these photos are taken on my phone. It’s really time to start whipping the camera out!

Of course, if you have more experience and a steady hand quite fantastic things can be done with embroidery:

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Crafty update

I have been such a busy crafting bunny that I haven’t blogged about what I’ve been up to in ages. It’s partly because the crafts progress slowly, stitch by stitch, and it’s hard to know when it’s interesting again. But below is an assortment from my Instagram feed and more of what I’ve been up to… and what’s coming!

One of a Kind beanie_Runny Babbit
I bought beautiful soft and warm merino yarn from One of a Kind yarns, and decided to knit up a cosy beanie for my fab boyfriend! We were going away on game drives and there’s nothing colder than an icy morning drive. I struggled a bit to get the sizing right, and ended up having to unravel and then decrease drastically to get it human instead of ogre size. The top puckers a bit, but it was so popular that all my family members have requested one.
The dashing boyfriend in his completed beanie
baby blanket_runnybabbit
I’ve been working on this gorgeous baby blanket for quite a while, even though I did the bulk of the body on the knitting machine. It’s a gorgeously soft 3-ply elle Baby Soft yarn, in Oyster, White and Aqua – the mommy to be’s nursery colours. She’s having twins so I’ve just started on the second blanket! I’m illustrating here the hand knit border, which I unravelled 3 times before getting the knack of it. I picked up in the round, increased in the corners and used an applied i-cord for the edge. I learnt a lot of new skills, and think the second blanket should go much faster!
baby blanket_RunnyBabbit
My second attempt at knitting a border in the round…
runny babbit
The blanket all wrapped and ready to go!
cross stitch_runny babbit
A cross stitch for my fabulous aunts – it celebrates their marriage with a funny twist for my aunt’s 60th birthday. She helped change the South African marriage laws so she could marry her partner of 20 years and they could legally co-parent my adopted cousins.
The cross stitch a bit further along – I love the little brides and the rainbow! The border takes depressingly long to make so I’m going to have to knuckle down this week.
runny babbit
A secret project for Your Family magazine… look out for the August issue!
cross stitch_baby_runny babbit
A cross stitch for a mommy-to-be – we have 3 of them in my office at the moment! It’s going to be stitched on linen, so will be a little nit-picky, but she’s in love and it will be an elegant touch to her nursery. I better get cracking!!
blanket_yourfamiy_runny babbit
My first attempt at a blanket, also machine knitted with a hand-stitched border. The pattern appeared in the May Your Family magazine (cover below). If I’d known about the applied i-cord I would have used that for a bright neon finish instead of the stocking stitch, which required a lot of steaming and stitching on.


cabled boot cuffs
I tried my hand at cabling when I designed these cabled boot cuffs for Your Family magazine’s June issue, an elegant touch for winter! I had to learn how to cable for the pattern, but found it quite simple and fun. I used I Love Yarn’s Imagine range of bamboo yarn, and it slips on easily. I love using local, hand-dyed products.