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How to dye a shibori tablecloth [photo step-by-step]

Shibori is a beautiful and simple method of Japanese fabric dyeing by binding – a lot like tie dye, but it looks so much better!


There are many different methods of shibori, and each has a lovely and different rippled pattern effect across the fabric. I loved the geometric look of the squares, so that’s what I did here. HonestlyWTF did a pretty in-depth tutorial with many different binding methods, and they stuck to the traditional indigo. I accidentally chose a royal purple dye, but I’m leaning into it!

Picture from HonestlyWTF

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Kist chalk paint makeover

This is such a fun and easy craft! With just a slap of paint and some copper spray paint, my drab yarn kist was completely revitalised into this beauty. I love the matt paint against the shiny copper details and think it looks great in my craft room.

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Turkish Delight lip balm

Valentine’s Day feels like a bit of a fake holiday. Prices are hiked up, ugly teddy bears abound and twee, over-sentimental cards clog inboxes. That’s why I’m loving the Galentine’s Day concept winging it’s hashtagged way over Instagram – doing beautiful makes, bakes and eats for you and your lovely friends!

rosecoconutlipbalm_runnybabbitcrafts (10)

Which is why I took this excuse to make rose coconut lip balm – which smells just like Turkish Delight! You can make a lot for not a lot of money, it’s nice to use and it smells great, and it’s the perfect Galentine’s Day gift.

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Coffee cinnamon body scrub

The longest part of this fantastic, edible body scrub is sourcing all the ingredients – though you might have all of them at home already!

coffee bod scrub_runnybabbitcrafts (2)

This stuff just smells fantastic and it makes your skin deliciously soft. Coffee is also great for cellulite! I used up all the old beans we had in our back cupboard and loved the smell of vanilla, coffee and coconut wafting over the kitchen.

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DIY succulent and wildflower crown

It’s probably a bit cheesy, but I love weddings, I really do. And this past weekend, I got to be a part of a very special one. Two good friends of mine, after eight years, finally tied the knot in a beautiful, non-traditional ceremony.

Succulentfloralcrown_runnybabbit (133)

There were no maids of honour, no groomsmen, and certainly no garter toss. Two souls were bound in blessings and love by their family, friends (and, yes, the legal stuff too). I was asked to make a succulent floral crown for the bride, which I did happily.

And she looked lovely.

Succulentfloralcrown_runnybabbit (1)

Here’s a little step by step so you can do the same.

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