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Sweet ‘n sour umami pickled shiitake mushrooms

One of my husband’s pet peeves – one that gets him gnashing his teeth and rolling his eyes – is recipes on blogs with long back stories before they give you any useful, functional information. So with that in mind, I’m taking a military approach to this post. I’m going to keep it in bullet points and then I’m going to share this gloriously delicious and simple recipe with you lucky folks.


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Three citrus whisky and ginger marmalade

As you might have noticed, making preserves is something I really enjoy. So for our wedding favours, my fiance and I decided to make personal gifts that really represented us.

The first of these is a truly delicious three citrus whisky and ginger marmalade – my fiance loves whisky, and I love marmalade, so it seemed a perfect(ly delicious) pairing.


Marmalade is a bit of a mission to make – you need to get rid of all the pith, keep the seeds separate (in a muslin cloth), and soak the rind overnight. But believe me, it’s well worth it.

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Cream cheese and apricot jam cheat’s Hertzoggies

These insanely delicious cookies are a type of jam thumbprint cookie; with a rich cream cheese mixed into the dough for tanginess and moisture, and a dollop of homemade apricot jam and toasted coconut on top for flavour.


These are also delicious made with my other recipe for strawberry jam.

A Hertzoggie, named after General Hertzog, the SA Prime Minister until 1935, is a traditional South African pastry made with apricot jam, a pastry and a coconut meringue topping (here’s a great recipe if you want to go traditional!). They’re divine but a bit of a mission to make, and I thought the flavours would work perfectly as a cookie with a heck of a lot less hassle.

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Mint and rosemary jelly

Is there anything more delicious than mint and rosemary jelly with some lamb chops? Or even better, a hot roasted lamb leg, dripping with sauce, and the fresh bite of mint jelly with every roasted potato mouthful?


It’s a delicious, ancient combination and it was paired because mint and rosemary help to digest the fatty components from a meaty dish like that. I love how intuitive these age-old combos are, and that there is an inherent, if unknown, logic behind these pairings.

This recipe is based on the apple jelly recipe – that’s the base jelly that we add flavouring to.

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