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21 Sewing Terms Every Beginner Should Know  |  Colette Blog

Colette has a fantastic sewing blog, and here they shared some terminology I’ve been struggling with since I started sewing (every one just expects you to KNOW IT!) – like bias, edge stitch and notches. Click through for the full post.

Source: 21 Sewing Terms Every Beginner Should Know  |  Colette Blog


Warm doggie jackets

I loved quickly sewing up these jackets for my sweet greyhound, Sophie.

Greyhounds NEED winter jackets because they, like models, they are very thin and have no natural defenses.

A helpless model in the wild.

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My first skirt! [The Sewing Diaries]

It’s been just over a year since I got my sewing machine, and I’m finally feeling daring enough to try make myself clothing – my original aim. I’ve hardly got an ‘off-the-rack’ figure and I love the doors sewing opens up to me.

After buying a Tilly and the Buttons book, I fell in love with her really great, step-by-step tutorials and truly beautiful patterns. They were patterns I wanted to make, with the instructions that made them actually achievable.

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Step-by-step Roman Blinds Tutorial

There are few things that make me as anxious as Maths.

I dropped the subject in high school and aside from restaurant bills, I barely touch the stuff. And that, fellow makers, is the only con of making your own Roman blinds: the maths. The pros though! They look really stylish, they need to be custom made for each window, and it’s sooo much fun choosing the perfect fabric.

What I also love is that Roman blinds are fairly easy to do for beginner sewers. I had my sewing guru with me guiding me literally step-by-step, but since she’s not a sewing fairy and can’t magically appear everywhere, she let me photograph the process and put together this pretty exhaustive tutorial.


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How to sew the easiest baby blanket ever

I’m a bit of a blanket sceptic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love owning them, and frequently give Woolworths vast amounts of money for their beautiful blankets, but as more making them… weeeeelll…

A healthy dose of optimism and misguided craftiness means I’ve started no less than three blankets (with another 2 in the works) … but I never seem to get around to actually FINISHING them. So whenever I think ‘I should make my pregnant friend a blanket!’ a part of me says:




But not quilting. Oh no. The simplest sewing in the world! And when I found an adorable bunny fleece in the colours of my friend’s nursery, I couldn’t resist. I bought it. And now I’m going to sew a fleece blanket LIKE THIS helpful video shows (except mine will have two sides of fleece. Is that OK?? This is a whole new world to me!)


How to make shwe-shwe fabric bunting

Bunting makes everything feel like a craft market, and I frikkin love it. I also frikkin love shwe-shwe fabric. The bright colours and vibrant patterns really resonate with me, and I have some beautiful dresses in a variety of shwe-shwes that make me feel fabulous.


Though shwe-shwe is an old West African form of fabric printing, it’s gaining in popularity around South Africa and brings a bright, modern look to everything it touches.

So naturally, now that I’ve learnt the rudimentals of sewing from my first few lessons (I even made a cushion!) and since I hosted a kitchen tea this Saturday, I thought it would be MUCH better to make bunting rather than buying some.

Because why not. Because if I can make it, rather than buy it, I will.


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