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Pretty awesome reversible fox-chicken toy


It’s easy to be the belle of the baby shower if you bring one of Susan B Anderson‘s reversible toys to the party. And this fox-chicken reversible knit is both fun and unique!

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I survived my first market!

Before my first market I managed to catch a total of 1.5 hours sleep. I’d planned to finish my last runny babbits by 5pm; but at midnight I’d roped in my poor sweet boyfriend to help me make pom poms for their little tails. Eventually he rolled into bed, and by 3am I rubbed my bleary eyes and realised I had to get up at 5am to get ready… and I was still stitching decorations onto baby crowns.

rockababy13 crown

It turned out the baby crowns were a futile gesture. They were oohed over, friends were called to aaahh over them, but none left the table top. Aside from that disappointment, the market was actually a lot of fun and I made a nice little profit from my hours of labour.

Robyn and I at our stall - terrible lighting aside we think our table looked nice.
Robyn and I at our stall – terrible lighting aside we think our table looked nice.

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I’m doing my first market! | Rock a Baby

In what I am increasingly convinced is a fit of temporary insanity, I have signed up to do my first market. I’ve been knitting late into the night, and my knitting machine is jamming up from all the squares (soon to be bunnies) I’m running off. I’m frantically embroidering and stitching and steam blocking and knitting and all the while thinking never again, which has been pointed out to me is the same thing I said after Richard’s snood, and after the two baby blankets I made. It seems I am incorrigible. 

Rock-a-Baby Postcard FA (1)


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Hatching crocodile toy!

I love these knitted hatching toys designed by my absolute favourite designer, Susan B Anderson (who is rather sock obsessed). She wrote one of my favourite toy knitting books – which I’ve mentioned before – and from which I’ve knitted quite a few baby shower presents. Her reversible toys are fun for adults and kids and always get a gasp when I whip one out and demonstrate quite how clever they are (which I must confess, I rather enjoy).

The first pattern to entrance me was a little hatching chicken but two pages over I see she’s also designed a delightful, and more boy friendly, little hatching crocodile. The pictures don’t really do it justice… so here’s a little 8 second video of the clever toy.

I’ll be selling these on 28 September at the Rock a Baby market in Johannesburg, and they’re for sale on my Hello Pretty shop too for delivery anywhere.

Beautiful embroidery

Pinterest, as always, leads me down the rabbit hole to new and interesting crafts (new to me, that is). Embroidery is my latest interest, and I’ve been adding it to Runny Babbits for a beautiful, hand-crafted touch. 

runny babbit_embroidery
This whole bunny was hand knit with a gorgeous iridescent yarn I found. It’s delightfully soft and I used embroidery cotton from House of Embroidery, a South African shop that hand dyes their threads. I bought some varigated, multicoloured threads and you can see how fantastic it looks as you stitch – the border changes colour as you go!

runny babbit_embroidery

runny babbit_embroidery

runny babbit_embroidery


runny babbit_embroidery
All of these photos are taken on my phone. It’s really time to start whipping the camera out!

Of course, if you have more experience and a steady hand quite fantastic things can be done with embroidery:

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Charlie the hatching penguin!

This adorable penguin – which can be customised into any bird of any colour – is fun for little fingers and completely safe, with embroidered features. The little penguin hatches out of a knitted egg and is, if I say so myself, completely adorable. You can buy him here for R95, free shipping! If you want him to be a different bird entirely, that’s fine. Just let me know.

He hatches out of a knitted egg!
He hatches out of a knitted egg!