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How to (humanely) braai crayfish

Crayfish, or kreef as they’re known locally, are a relative of lobster and a pretty great local delicacy. They’re beautifully dark fresh out the water, and turn a striking crimson after they’re cooked. I must admit that I’m not a big seafood eater myself, but my fiance and family love anything with gills and even I tried a few deliciously smokey bites.



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How to sew the easiest baby blanket ever

I’m a bit of a blanket sceptic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love owning them, and frequently give Woolworths vast amounts of money for their beautiful blankets, but as more making them… weeeeelll…

A healthy dose of optimism and misguided craftiness means I’ve started no less than three blankets (with another 2 in the works) … but I never seem to get around to actually FINISHING them. So whenever I think ‘I should make my pregnant friend a blanket!’ a part of me says:




But not quilting. Oh no. The simplest sewing in the world! And when I found an adorable bunny fleece in the colours of my friend’s nursery, I couldn’t resist. I bought it. And now I’m going to sew a fleece blanket LIKE THIS helpful video shows (except mine will have two sides of fleece. Is that OK?? This is a whole new world to me!)


DIY succulent and wildflower crown

It’s probably a bit cheesy, but I love weddings, I really do. And this past weekend, I got to be a part of a very special one. Two good friends of mine, after eight years, finally tied the knot in a beautiful, non-traditional ceremony.

Succulentfloralcrown_runnybabbit (133)

There were no maids of honour, no groomsmen, and certainly no garter toss. Two souls were bound in blessings and love by their family, friends (and, yes, the legal stuff too). I was asked to make a succulent floral crown for the bride, which I did happily.

And she looked lovely.

Succulentfloralcrown_runnybabbit (1)

Here’s a little step by step so you can do the same.

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