Just because you can…

Doesn’t mean you should.

A collection of yarn oddities.


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Easy shopping on Hello Pretty!

Great news (for me anyhow). Runny Babbits is listed on premiere crafting online marketplace, Hello Pretty! Hashtag yay hashtag awesome hashtag shopping spree hashtag givemeyomoney #Idontgethashtags

Hello Pretty
Me on Hello Pretty!

Wedding cross stitch

My latest cross stitch is a paid job for a wedding, and is, I think, quite hilarious.

Custom Samantha Living in Sin-1
Pattern designed by the amazing Alicia Watkins. On Etsy she offers a ‘personalised cross stitch pattern’ service, and she really is worth it (it’s only R105 [$10] to get your own pattern done to your specifications) https://www.etsy.com/listing/109309996/custom-cross-stitch-pattern-pdf-and-jpg?ref=af_you_favitem
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Red velvet cupcake tea cosy

I don’t like tea.

What I do have a soft spot for is people who drink tea, like my friend Jerusha who recently tied the knot. Jerusha introduced me to the wonder of red velvet cupcakes, so I thought it would be fitting to knit her a red velvet cupcake tea cosy as something warm, fun, and unique for her new home.

Made with love!
Made with love!

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Charlie the hatching penguin!

This adorable penguin – which can be customised into any bird of any colour – is fun for little fingers and completely safe, with embroidered features. The little penguin hatches out of a knitted egg and is, if I say so myself, completely adorable. You can buy him here for R95, free shipping! If you want him to be a different bird entirely, that’s fine. Just let me know.

He hatches out of a knitted egg!
He hatches out of a knitted egg!

Why do the easy thing and buy it when you can do the fun thing and make it?