45 photos from the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair 2016 [GALLERY]

The Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair is a trend-setting, haute couture ‘craft’ market that showcases exceptional South African design and hand crafted goods. From truly exceptional gin, to exquisitely crafted cloths, decor and jewellery, this market is a wonderland.

Full of exceptional local beauty

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My first skirt! [The Sewing Diaries]

It’s been just over a year since I got my sewing machine, and I’m finally feeling daring enough to try make myself clothing – my original aim. I’ve hardly got an ‘off-the-rack’ figure and I love the doors sewing opens up to me.

After buying a Tilly and the Buttons book, I fell in love with her really great, step-by-step tutorials and truly beautiful patterns. They were patterns I wanted to make, with the instructions that made them actually achievable.

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6 reasons to go to the Kramerville Kamers

Sometimes, Kamers can feel like the same thing over and over. I’ve gone to pretty much every one in Joburg (and written about them before) and, even though I think I know what to expect, a combination of the vibe and the hand-crafted loveliness always draws me in.

So though you can expect a lot of the same from this brand sparkling new Kamers (this is the first time they’ve introduced a market in October) there are some lovely elements well worth the visit.

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How to (humanely) braai crayfish

Crayfish, or kreef as they’re known locally, are a relative of lobster and a pretty great local delicacy. They’re beautifully dark fresh out the water, and turn a striking crimson after they’re cooked. I must admit that I’m not a big seafood eater myself, but my fiance and family love anything with gills and even I tried a few deliciously smokey bites.



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Step-by-step Roman Blinds Tutorial

There are few things that make me as anxious as Maths.

I dropped the subject in high school and aside from restaurant bills, I barely touch the stuff. And that, fellow makers, is the only con of making your own Roman blinds: the maths. The pros though! They look really stylish, they need to be custom made for each window, and it’s sooo much fun choosing the perfect fabric.

What I also love is that Roman blinds are fairly easy to do for beginner sewers. I had my sewing guru with me guiding me literally step-by-step, but since she’s not a sewing fairy and can’t magically appear everywhere, she let me photograph the process and put together this pretty exhaustive tutorial.


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Mungo Micro-Mill, Cape Town

I absolutely adore Mungo, and they have a pop-up store in Johannesburg at the moment at 44 Stanley. They said they’re bringing the mill here, and I can’t wait!

Here are some images from the original post:

handsome things

I absolutely love the new Mungo store and inner city Micro-Mill in the heart of Cape Town. The idea behind this store was to create an experiential retail space where customers can interact and learn about the wonderful art of weaving. Although the majority of their production still takes place at the mill in Plettenberg Bay, they have brought down one of their oldest looms; a Hattersley Domestic loom that was made in the 1890’s. Their aim is to bridge the gap between the maker and the market, and to introduce customers to a part of their process.

The store and Micro-Mill is situated in their new beautiful four-story 1900s heritage building on Hout Street. They have carefully refurbished it, keeping all the original architectural features including Oregon Pine floors, wooden staircase, and sash windows.

The shop spans across the ground floor and into a glass atrium. The Micro-Mill is below the shop, and can be seen from…

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