Knitting is both creative and soothing – pattern development can be challenging but also a lot of fun.

You can find them all on Ravelry as well.


This is the pattern for a chunky ombre cowl – a quick, fun knit.

knitted square

Use these cabled blanket squares to make a gorgeous blanket.

knitted crown

This gorgeous little knitted crown doubles as an ear warmer for your cutie.

owl doorstop

This is definitely the easiest knitting pattern to start with! It’s just a square. Make this owl door stop in a jiffy and accessorise with big button eyes.


Quick, easy cellphone cover! Simple knit.


This is genius – make a bunny rabbit from a single square.


A lovely hatching chicken! Knit in the round, this makes a memorable gift.


Using basket weave and chunky yarn, this pencil case is a simple little knit.


The simplest pincushion, this can also be made with a knitting machine.


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