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4 reasons I should craft more

It’s THAT time of the year.

The December holidays feel as out of reach as a mirage in the desert, and work sits heavily on the body. Waking up is hard, work is hard, getting to sleep is hard. And it’s at this time I find myself working ridiculous hours: prioritising myself less and less. I stop eating properly, I stop exercising, and worst of all, I stop creating too!


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Beautiful bamboo cabled-lace slouchy beanie

Sometimes the yarn calls the pattern, and other times the pattern calls the yarn.

This beautiful purple bamboo called for an elegant pattern and was one of the first natural fibre yarns I fell in love with. So it was somewhat serendipitiously that this yarn was made by South African artisinal yarn dyer, I Love Yarn.

And this pattern? Oh my.



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Beautiful slouch beanie pattern

I don’t know about you, but I always prioritise knits for me LAST. I just never seem to make the time, and it’s really frustrating because I’ll spend the winter with nippy ears and blue fingers while everyone around me is cosy warm with my gloves and beanies.

But when I saw this gorgeous yarn from One of a Kind Yarns I just knew this purple, blue and grey variegated merino wool wanted to be with ME. And I wanted a cosy, squishy, beautiful beanie for cold game drives in the Kruger and I wanted a relatively easy pattern that would be a fun and importantly a quick knit.


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How to make a knitted cactus pincushion

I’m a bit succulent and cactus obsessed, but sadly I’ve come to accept that I’m a plant hospice… I care for them fervently and tenderly before sending them off to the big garden in the sky.

This is what makes a knitted cactus so frikkin’ cool.

I also love the punniness of putting spikes in a cactus, and that made a cactus pincushion an inevitability in my craft area.


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Coffee cinnamon body scrub

The longest part of this fantastic, edible body scrub is sourcing all the ingredients – though you might have all of them at home already!

coffee bod scrub_runnybabbitcrafts (2)

This stuff just smells fantastic and it makes your skin deliciously soft. Coffee is also great for cellulite! I used up all the old beans we had in our back cupboard and loved the smell of vanilla, coffee and coconut wafting over the kitchen.

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Suzelle DIY; my new BFF | Podcast

In which I meet my favourite South African star, accidentally insult her and get to speak to the person behind the celebrity. 

There are few things quite as thrilling as meeting your idol, and Suzelle DIY, the hilarious, crafty DIY doyenne of South African YouTube, is certainly mine. With the merging of humour, crafty tutorials and South African flavour I was doomed to fanhood the second her videos hit the internet. And one of the major perks of my job at Your Family magazine is getting to meet people like her, and interviewing her was thrilling.

The instagram photo
This is what was really going on

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Crafter round-up from the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair

A lazy Sunday, a meander around a craft market and some fantastic food sounds like a pretty great way to end a weekend. And boy did I strike gold with the Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair – a perfectly curated market packed with haute couture handmade goods, foods and liquors. Hosted at Hyde Park in Johannesburg, the market was beautifully organised with big tables, lounges and flowing with gin and tonics to beat the summer heat.

Big markets can get a little overwhelming, and there were tons of gorgeous items at this one. Some were overpriced, but most were very affordable for the quality of the item… which made shopping waaay to easy to justify (it’s Maggie 2 Minute Noodles for the rest of the month!)

So here’s a round up of some of my favourite crafters and items spotted at the fair – by far most of them are online if you’re interested.

Hello there little guy!
Hello there little guy!
A little happy knitted fox from Bunny and Clyde
An exquisite handknitted cotton blanket from Bunny and Clyde

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