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Sweet ‘n sour umami pickled shiitake mushrooms

One of my husband’s pet peeves – one that gets him gnashing his teeth and rolling his eyes – is recipes on blogs with long back stories before they give you any useful, functional information. So with that in mind, I’m taking a military approach to this post. I’m going to keep it in bullet points and then I’m going to share this gloriously delicious and simple recipe with you lucky folks.


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Delicious pickle relish

There’s a lot of talk about the collapse of neighbourliness in white suburbia, but that’s never been my experience.

Growing up in a quiet Pretoria suburb, my brothers and I used to ride bikes with our neighbours and best of all, we’d get jars of deliciously tangy pickle relish from a woman down the street. We’d slather it on sandwiches, cheese and everything else in reach. There was always a nebulous promise we’d get the recipe, but she passed away before passing it on.

lebanesepicklerelish_runnybabbit (17)


I never thought I’d taste it ever again.

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