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Tiramisu marshmallows

Let’s paint a picture: pyjama party. Hot chocolate. Hot chocolate with AMARULA. Sticky coffee sweetness melting in a pool of milky chocolate goodness.



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Mint and rosemary jelly

Is there anything more delicious than mint and rosemary jelly with some lamb chops? Or even better, a hot roasted lamb leg, dripping with sauce, and the fresh bite of mint jelly with every roasted potato mouthful?


It’s a delicious, ancient combination and it was paired because mint and rosemary help to digest the fatty components from a meaty dish like that. I love how intuitive these age-old combos are, and that there is an inherent, if unknown, logic behind these pairings.

This recipe is based on the apple jelly recipe – that’s the base jelly that we add flavouring to.

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The best chocolate mousse cake recipe

This is just a quick post to share the recipe to one of the most delicious and divinely simple chocolate mousse cake recipes in the world.

Anyone who watches the Great British Bake-Off knows that Mary Berry is the Queen of Tarts (and Cakes) and her recipes really do go off flawlessly. This Celebration Chocolate Mousse Cakeย ย is delicious, simple to prepare and has a little kick of rum to make it the perfect birthday celebration cake.

So cook, and enjoy!