Paul Hollywood’s Earl Grey Milk Tart

Paul Hollywood is the steely blue-eyed pastry chef of my dreams AND HE WAS IN CAPE TOWN. I am beyond devastated that I don’t live in Cape Town and never bumped into him and didn’t have the chance to awkwardly approach him (my husband, standing embarrassed behind me) and tell Paul how much I love his baking book (as anyone following my #RunnyBabbitLearnsToBake challenge knows).


In the meanwhile, I’ve fallen in love with his Earl Grey Milk Tart recipe.

What’s your favourite twist on an old classic? Let me know in the comments!





How to sew the easiest baby blanket ever

I’m a bit of a blanket sceptic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love owning them, and frequently give Woolworths vast amounts of money for their beautiful blankets, but as more making them… weeeeelll…

A healthy dose of optimism and misguided craftiness means I’ve started no less than three blankets (with another 2 in the works) … but I never seem to get around to actually FINISHING them. So whenever I think ‘I should make my pregnant friend a blanket!’ a part of me says:




But not quilting. Oh no. The simplest sewing in the world! And when I found an adorable bunny fleece in the colours of my friend’s nursery, I couldn’t resist. I bought it. And now I’m going to sew a fleece blanket LIKE THIS helpful video shows (except mine will have two sides of fleece. Is that OK?? This is a whole new world to me!)